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Projects: Aquaponics systems – Big and small

Each of these projects started out as a dream. We are
grateful for every opportunity to help create beautiful,
customised aquaponics systems, no matter what the
size or budget.

These projects give some idea of what we are capable of. We pride
ourselves on our professionalism, creativity and willingness to work
with our clients.

We are just as excited as our customers when a project is
completed, and always keen to see how it flourishes.

Contact us to discuss your ideas, we may soon be celebrating
the completion your project.

Elanora Heights: Urban oasis
Elanora recycled aquaponics system pond and cascade
ecolicious created a pond/cascade aquaponics system to
compliment a highly productive, aesthetically pleasing permaculture
garden on Sydneys Northern Beaches. Recycled materials were
used throughout. Find out more


Greenwich - Designer aquaponics system
Sydney Harbour designer aquaponics system
ecolicious designed a stylish, easy to maintain aquaponics system to suit a modern familys' busy lifestyle, on Sydneys' Harbour Find out more


Kimbriki Eco House and Garden - Recycled Aquaponics
Kimbriki eco pond and recycled aquaponics boat grow-bed
ecolicious was challenged to create an ultra sustainable aquaponic system, recovering recycled materials from across the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. Find out more


Alexandria Park Community Garden - recyled aquaponic system and pond
Alexandria Park Community Garden recycled aquaponic system and pond
ecolicious and Milkwood Permaculture donated a pond, cascade and recycled
aquaponic system to Alexandria Park Community Garden and Alexandria Park
Community School. Find out more


Candys Pond - cascade and recycled aquaponic system
Candys Permaculture garden, pond and aquaponics system
ecolicious incoorperated a pond, cascade and recycled aquaponics system into a highly productive permaculture garden. Find out more


Georges Hall Sustainable Garden Makeover
Sustainable garden make over western Sydney
ecolicious designed a low maintenance sustainable garden with a Mediteranean feel, using recycled materials. A creek connects 2 ponds, with recycled aquaponic grow-beds filtering water and growing herbs and veges. Find out more



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We love Charles' approach to aquaponics… It's great to meet someone who wants to get things right, both in terms of ethics and aesthetics, at a scale appropriate for each situation.

Kirsten and Nick
Milkwood Permaculture

Thank you so much for the wonderful aquaponic system you have constructed for us...
Your work has been impeccable and we now have a shining example of a food-growing system that thousands of people will be able to learn from and use in their own homes and gardens.

Peter Rutherford
Kimbriki Eco House & Garden