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About us: ecolicious aquaponics systems

ecolicious grew from the desire to help people integrate
sustainable living into day to day life.

Starting in a simple suburban (rented) backyard, ecolicious has
grown from a simple, but spectacular suburban oasis, to a leading
provider of aquaponic solutions across Sydney, for domestic and
community projects.

We partner with highly skilled landscape architects, pond builders,
permaculture consultants, nurseries, etc. The list is long, but the
point is simple; we work with some of the best people in Sydney to
get the job done right, first time.

ecolicious aquaponics
Charles began experimenting with basic aquaponic (or bioponic) systems 8 years ago; researching, designing and creating systems of varying complexities, eventually becoming focused on simple and sustainable. As aquaponics popularity grew exponentially over the last 6 years in Australia, so did the complexity and the information overload.
New questions arose.
How to bring aquaponics to a greater audience?
Does aquaponics have to be complicated?
Does aquaponics have to look like a science experiment or a bunch of plumbing bits?
Could the use recycled components go one step further in saving the world?
What are the ethics, are we now battery farming fish?
Could simple low cost, yet highly productive systems be designed and supplied to developing countries?
Does aquaponics have to be ugly?


Charles grew up on an organic farm in Northern NSW, moving to Sydney to study science, urban sustainable living become a lifestyle choice well before the "green revolution". After many years in the IT industry, corporate web development and training, Charles realised sustainable living needed to be explained in simple terms to a far greater audience. Six years ago he realised aquaponics would be the next "great leap" in sustainable living, and set about to design ways to make it an attractive option, to a greater audience. Charles has inspired hundreds of individuals to look into the potential of simple, yet creative aquaponics through trade shows, community gardens and presentations and more recently, workshops. Travel to many developing countries in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and South America, looking at indigenous and ancient, subsistence living has greatly influenced the simplicity of his sustainable living systems and designs.


Kylies background in environmental science has seen her involved in the fields of environmental education, management and planning for over 10 years. Kylie is a keen and motivated speaker who has delivered countless training workshops and presented at conferences and forums, most recently a presentation on sustainability in tourism at the Asia Pacific Eco Tourism Conference (2010). Kylie’s previous roles in local government saw the development and implementation of many sustainability programs and policies, preparation and delivery of environmental education workshops and coordination of sustainable and waste wise events.  Kylie is currently employed with the Caravan and Camping industry where she manages and coordinates the Gumnut Awards, the industries eco certification program. The role includes delivery of training workshops in areas of sustainability as well as environmental management and planning.  When at home, Kylie is co-owner and consultant for ecolicious and a passionate organic gardener and cook.


ecolicious is not only an ethical business, but strives to be as carbon neutral as possible and our award winning demonstration garden was NSW runner up in the 2008 Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Garden Challenge.
More importantly the garden provides a refuge to not only for native animals, but the many local unit dwellers who "drop in" on a regular basis.
ecolicious donates time and resources to community groups and gardens, rather than spending money on advertising.

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